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Monday, March 31, 2014

Beverly Hills Homeowners Head Blasts Metro Lies On Subway, Council Takes Up Metro Permit Tuesday Night


March 31, 2014


The Metropolitan Transit Authority comes back to the Beverly Hills City Council Tuesday night again seeking a permit to tear up Beverly Hills streets, block access and take away parking.  Metro came to the council before in January with the full backing of Beverly Hills city staff, but met resistance from the council when they could not answer any serious questions about the impact on Beverly Hills residents, businesses, police, fire, paramedic access or safety.
Now, the president of the Southwest Homeowners Association, Ken Goldman, calls out Metro and Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky for "lies" about the impact on Beverly Hills.

Goldman wrote the Los Angeles Times, with a copy to The Courier:

"To the Editor:
"Metro's plans to tear up Wilshire, Santa Monica Blvd. and surrounding streets will cause extraordinary disruption 24/7 to countless residents and drivers alike.  Imagine intersections at Fairfax, La Cienega and Beverly Drive closed or diverted for months on end over a period of years.  I served on the volunteer citizens' Committee to analyze the Westside extension project years ago. Metro representatives met with us numerous times to promote the project. In response to our specific questions, they outright lied to us and told us that these intersections would be slightly disrupted only for a few weekends.  Nothing about months on end. Nothing about 24/7. In the face of these complete misrepresentations and Beverly Hills' attempting to mitigate these impacts, Supervisor Yaroslavsky has the effrontery to threaten to sue us?"
The Courier proposed common-sense requirements that tell Beverly Hills what Metro will do, who will do it, when will it start, when will it be finished, and what happens to people and business.  Based on the City staff report to the council released Friday, Beverly Hills city staff still refuses to demand accountability from Metro and its contractors. 
Previously, the council voted 4-1 to reject Metro's permit, with only Willie Brien, M.D., prepared to "rubber stamp" Metro's demands.
At Tuesday's formal council meeting, the City Council is expected to vote on a permit application for the relocation of underground fiber-optic communication facilities associated with the Westside Subway Extension in addition to a permit application for groundwater and gas sampling in existing monitoring wells associated with the extension.


Look at the photos, plans, schedules themselves.  THESE COME FROM METRO -  NOT THE COURIER!