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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Great danger would lurk in 710 Freeway tunnel: Letters


March 17, 2014

arry Knapp’s recent letter on the “fiscal foolishness of the 710 Freeway tunnel study,” pointing out the fact that it can’t succeed as a toll road, is based on solid facts.

His concern that “who knows what dangers await in that tunnel?” is a legitimate one.

The safety concerns are based on solid facts. We’ve had two recent fatal tunnel occurrences in Southern California within just a few hundred yards. The heat was so intense the structures were weakened.

Visualize two or more trucks loaded with flammables blown up in a six-mile tunnel. There is no safe exit when such a holocaust ignites, and hundreds, if not thousands, would be cremated.
I won’t be one of them, since I’ll never go in that tunnel if it is constructed.

— Michael Montgomery, South Pasadena