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Saturday, March 29, 2014

San Rafael Neighborhoods Association Newsletter


January-March 2014  
SRNA Newsletter  
Vol 3, Issue 1

On the web at www.srnapasadena.org


The beautiful artwork that adorns the SRNA newsletter is the result of SRNA member Wendi Moffly. SRNA is grateful for the warmth that Wendi's artwork brings to our newsletters. In this edition of the newsletter, we are happy to display new paintings by Wendi


SRNA 2014 Board 

Mary Dee Romney-President
Robin Salzer-Vice President
Mary Beth Bridges-Vice President 
Stan Clark - Treasurer 
Adele Levitt-Secretary 


Marie Cleaves
Alix Nassiri
Ann Kelley 
Freddie Hannan
Elaine Hawkes
Kathy Goodwin

SRNA elects new President for 2014!
SRNA Artist-Wendi Moffly



SRNA General Meetings



1100 AVENUE 64 
7 PM
Next General Meeting: 

April 2, 2014


SRNA Recognizes Gillian Gough
Artist & Creator of SRNA Logo

The Board of Directors of SRNA wishes to thank Gillian Gough for the lovely art and design work she has contributed to our organization, and to acknowledge her artistry and creativity. So many people have complimented the logo.

While Gillian presently has her own marketing and graphic design firm based in Pasadena, she has a rich and varied history working for larger firms and promoting a fascinating array of clients, from Billy Idol to Jerseymaid, from Pat Benatar to Computerland.

Gillian was educated at the University of Puget Sound, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Arts/Graphic Design. Her extensive commitment to community service includes numerous organizations, such as the Junior League of Pasadena. With all of that, she still finds time to pursue interests in Irish dancing, gardening, hiking and sailing.

We are grateful to have been the beneficiaries of the creativity of this energetic and talented person.

Gillian Gough

Featured Article: 

San Rafael Elementary School
By Don Watson, Chair 7-11 Committee

Photo courtesy of Stan Clark

Public Hearing of the San Rafael School Property 7-11 Committee

The 7-11 Committee was established by the PUSD Board of Education to develop recommendations for alternative uses of the San Rafael Elementary School 3.2 acre property.

The Committee is composed of community members, parents, school staff, and representatives of the business community, and is supported by District staff, legal counsel, and a representative of the City of Pasadena. (7-11 means the Committee has between 7 and 11 members). The Committee has held two previous meetings in January and February.

The establishment of the Committee was necessitated by the discovery of active earthquake fault lines on the property. This precludes the long term use of the property as a public school. The San Rafael staff, students, and program are scheduled to move to the former site of Allendale Elementary School, adjacent to the Blair Middle/High School complex, after July 1, 2017.

The public hearing at SRES on Monday, March 24 was the first of two hearings to get input into recommendations the Committee will be making to the Board of Education regarding the future uses of the school site.

An estimated 120 people attended the meeting and Public Hearing. Dr. John Pappalardo, Chief Financial Officer for PUSD, presented the timeline of events that led up to the decision of the Board to close the school. Mr. Eric Duyshart explained the role of the City in any proposed re-use of the property for other purposes. The site could be leased to a private school or for other public uses, or could be sold for residential home sites or other uses. The public and the members had questions for Dr. Pappalardo, Mr. Duyshart, and legal counsel regarding the necessity to vacate the property, on the alternative uses, and the procedures for making a final decision.

During the public hearing, 13 people presented their points of view about the process and alternative uses of the property.

Everyone in attendance was provided with a survey to identify their preferences for the use of the property, and uses or conditions they could not tolerate. 49 surveys were submitted.

The results of the public hearing and the survey will be presented and discussed at the next meeting of the Committee, March 31, 2014, 5:30 pm, at the District offices, 351 S. Hudson Avenue, Room 236.
The date for the next public hearing will be set by the Committee.
All meetings are open, and guests are invited to ask questions or make statements.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Adaptive reuse of the site potentially will introduce new impacts to the neighborhood and affect property values, good or bad. SRNA supports a cautious approach to this transition and a full understanding of zoning allowances for all those affected by the closure.

For more information on the applicable state laws please see:

Alquist-Priolo Act of 1971

CA Code of Regulations (CCR)


Board of Education Update:

Pasadena Unified School District on March 27, 2014 voted 4-2 (Kim Kenne absent) authorizing the district to accept bids for lease of the Linda Vista Elementary school site. [BR- 77-B]. Tom Selinske made the motion seconded by Dr. Elizabeth Pomeroy. Tyron Hampton and Dr. Mikala Rahn voted in favor. President Renatta Cooper and Scott Phelps voted against the motion. 


Profile: Little Flower Candy Co.

SRNA is proud to have many fine dining places in our area. Little Flower as it is known to residents, is  a tiny cafe, bakery
and candy kitchen on the edge of  town. It's where the neighborhood can meet and eat fresh delicious food, drink strong
coffee and listen to great music surrounded by art, neighbors, friends and community.
Little Flower is a great place to meet a friend or make a new one. 

Christine & Pam have created a great neighborhood café.
SRNA artist Wendi Moffly's art can be seen there from time to time.

1422 W. Colorado Blvd,  
Mon-Sat 7 am - 7 pm
Sun 9 am - 4 pm
710 Extension/Tunnel Update
By Ann Kelley 
Neighborhood communities nervously await the submission of the multimillion dollar Environmental Impact Report (EIR) expected to be released this spring. Once the EIR is released there will be a great deal of activity as environment, transportation, medical and planning experts and citizens in every city get busy reviewing the report.  We have a 90 day window to prepare a response to a document expected to be 10,000+ pages that took Metro consultants, CH2M Hill, two years to prepare. It's a daunting challenge but many people have committed to accept the task of review.

Here's an example of a tunnel boring machine for transportation vehicles. Notice the size compared to the people!    

Tunnel Boring Machine
SRNA along with other neighborhood groups are in unison against the tunnel alternate as a solution.

While the proposed F 7 (Tunnel) is not in SRNA's immediate area, SRNA is opposed to the draconian environmental impacts such a project would incur on our streets, fire department, and the Arroyo. SRNA believes a tunnel project would negatively impact all of Pasadena. SRNA, from the beginning in early 2012, has been opposed to 20th century solutions to a 21st century problem.

The cities of Pasadena, Glendale, South Pasadena, Sierra Madre and La Canada-Flintridge have each committed $50,000 for a total of $250,000 to hire outside consultants who will review the EIR from a regional perspective. 

·         Glendale will focus on safety and security 
·         La Canada-Flintridge on soils geology and seismology, 
·         Pasadena on legal and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) 
·         Sierra Madre on air quality
·         South Pasadena on transportation

The Pasadena City Council have committed the City's Departments to review the EIR from Pasadena's perspective. 

SRNA will let you know when the community meetings from Metro are scheduled so you can take action and voice your concerns.

Photo licensed to and courtesy of Stan Clark 
La Loma Bridge Update &
Speed Bumps on South Laguna Road
By Marie Cleaves

    La Loma Bridge Currently
    La Loma Bridge After
   New Proposed Restored Design

Last month over 40 residents came to SRNA's February public meeting to find out more on the La Loma Bridge closure that will begin just a few months from now. Guests included:
Steve Wright                    City Engineer, Public Works
Stephen Walker             Principal City Engineer
Amanda Ta-Chavez         Associate Transportation Engineer
Kevin Costa                    Deputy Fire Chief
Lt. Pete Hettema           Pasadena Police Department

The historic La Loma Bridge was originally constructed in 1914 when Woodrow Wilson was President, the United States Flag had 48 stars and baseball legend Babe Ruth made his major league debut with the Red Sox.

The iconic bridge is scheduled to undergo a seismic retrofit and rehabilitation beginning in the summer of 2014 and lasting through the winter of 2015.

The 370-foot long by 42-foot wide structure will be widened and strengthened while maintaining its historic style. The scope of the project includes replacing the bridge deck, rehabilitating the arches and spandrel columns, and strengthening both end piers. The project will cost approximately $16.8 million dollars. Funding will come from two sources: federal grant funds totaling $14.7 million and city funds totaling $2.1 million.

During the closure the Pasadena Police Department plans to post police officers on Laguna, Arroyo and San Rafael to monitor and mitigate traffic impacts. The Department expects most impacts to be on local traffic with cut-through commuters opting for other routes.

SRNA is working with the various departments to mitigate the impacts the closure to the affected neighborhoods. 

Photo & Rendering Courtesy of the City of Pasadena


Speed Bumps on South Laguna Road

Neighbors on the Southern portion of Laguna Road have petitioned the City of Pasadena to perform a study about installing speed bumps on a stretch of Laguna Road from Burleigh to San Rafael. This part of Laguna Road was designated a "local street" in 2003 which means the road qualifies for speed bumps. An official traffic count by the city on this stretch of Laguna resulted in 1,500 cars in a 24 hour period. Neighbors in the area have been asked by the city to complete a survey and provide feedback. An affirmative vote of at least 66% of he affected neighbors would be needed to install the bumps.

If speed bumps are installed the city must follow established guidelines which include that the bumps must be 200 - 250 feet apart on a stretch of roadway that is 1,000 feet long and uninterrupted by curves. It is estimated there would be a total of 5 speed bumps on this section of Laguna.

Laguna Road is made of concrete instead of asphalt so the speed bumps would be rubberized and bolted into the concrete. Each bump would be 3 ½" high and 12' wide.

The Pasadena Fire Chief has expressed concerns that bumps on Laguna Road could negatively impact response times in the area and damage the department's fire trucks. The Chief has the authority to deny speed bumps if they are deemed a hindrance to response times.

Survey results reported by the City are as follows: Residences Affected 39: 26 Yes or 67%, 2 No 5%, 11 (28%) did not respond.

Status of project: Survey results letters are to be mailed to residents by end of March. Locate vendor/company that makes the rubberized bolted bumps with a design suitable to the city. The Pasadena Director of Transportation to consult with the Pasadena Fire Department on their use of Laguna Road.
Complete Streets Program Update! 
By Mary Dee Romney (Chart information provided by Sylvia Plummer)

Prompted by speed, accidents and fatalities on Avenue 64, impacted neighbors (Avenue 64 Coalition) urged the City of Pasadena Department of Transportation to form a resident advisory group to address traffic safety.

Subsequently the "San Rafael Complete Streets Working Group" convened in February 2014 to evaluate the city's January 2014 traffic counts on local streets and to review various traffic studies and recommendations.

Still, ongoing safety problems remain a reality on Avenue 64 and promise to be exacerbated by traffic diversions during the re-construction of the La Loma Bridge. (see SRNA article above)

Remedies from the city's "Complete Streets" proposal appear both costly and remote for Avenue 64.

One bright side to this effort is information to neighbors! The below chart shows the January 2014 traffic count/average speed for the neighborhood's most frequented streets.

Please take a look! You know these streets!

# of Cars    

Annandale Road                                          
Avenue 64 (north of Nithsdale)          
Avenue 64 (south of Nithsdale)          
Brixton Road                                          
Burleigh Drive (between Ave 64 & La Loma)  
Church Street (between Ave 64 & Brentnal)    
Glenullen Drive (near La Loma)                
Glen Summer Road                              
Kaweah Drive                                           
Laguna Road (south of Burleigh)              
La Loma Avenue (west of Ave 64)                
Nithsdale Road                                            
Poppy Peak Drive                                        
San Miguel Road                                    
San Rafael Avenue (between Colorado & Nithsdale)  
Tamarac Drive (near La Loma)              


EDITOR NOTE: For the San Rafael Complete Streets Working Group Meeting (February 11, 2014), see:

For concepts and minutiae on the City of Pasadena Complete Streets transition, see:

Local Street News
By  Joanne Fletcher, Eunice Kim & Sue Tkocz

Malcolm Drive neighbors Joanne Fletcher, Eunice Kim and Sue Tkocz spearheaded a block party on Sunday, October 6th after several burglaries in the neighborhood motivated their neighbors to get together this summer at the local library to meet with representatives from the Police Department. Neighbors came to the party from Malcolm, Anita and Sequoia Drives (Aasia Kinney handed out flyers on Sequoia).

The party got started a 3:00 pm and everyone got name tags with their address identifying who and where they live. The street was blocked off in the middle with umbrellas and tables set up and filled to overflow with wonderful assortments of appetizers and desserts.

Approximately 125 neighbors came along with Kitty Johnson, a police Neighborhood Watch specialist, Officer Tom Brown and Officer Jim Riehl who are assigned to our service area. A special treat for both the kids and adults was the arrival of a Fire Department pumper truck just like the one at Station 39. Everyone agreed it was lovely to meet and get to know your neighbors and we encourage you to build vigilance and cooperation within your own neighborhood.  

Top: Joanne Fletcher, Sue Tkocz & Eunice Kim
 Bottom: Kitty Johnson, Officer James Riehl, and Joanne Fletcher

Photo courtesy of the author (s)   
Good Neighbor Column
By Committee

We would like to introduce a new feature in our Newsletter. We are calling it the "Good Neighbor Column." The Good Neighbor Column will address subjects of interest on your street or block, or general concerns for your area. Please send us your thoughts on issues for the this new column at info@srnapasadena.org.

The first issue for our next publication will address the use of
leaf blowers.
Spring Is Just Around The Corner - BRUSH CLEARANCE
By Stan Clark

The Pasadena Fire Department is urging residents to get started with brush clearance early due to the severe drought we are experiencing. (The map and copy are predictive and not guaranteed.)  Last year was predicted to be one of the worst and thankfully that did not materialize.
This year is slated to be very dry and with that the risk is high. Fire Risk SoCal
The goal is to help the fire department have defensible space at all times. Here are some suggested things you can do:

1) Trim back tree branches away from chimneys, fire experts say at least 5 feet away.
2) Clear brush in empty or adjoining lots.
3) Remove firewood stacked next to structures.
4) Remove anything flammable that is close to structures.

Please contact the Pasadena Fire Department for any questions at (626) 744-4655. 

With added fire danger, the Pasadena Fire Department would also like residents to know that Red Flag Days have added impact for fire and rescue vehicles. Many of our area's streets are narrow and winding, making it difficult for the department's vehicle to quickly get to an incident.

This is Rancheros Road in the hills of 91103 on a
call a few weeks ago. We have similar streets in the San Rafael area. During a Red Flag Day, these trucks could not easily get to a location for a call.

For more on Red Flag Days go to:

Photo courtesy of Pasadena Fire Department (PFD)

Coalition for the preservation of the Arroyo. EIR-NFL Lawsuit
Information Update
By Nina Chomsky 
President Linda Vista ~ Annandale Association (LVAA)

The Lawsuit: The Coalition (Linda Vista Annandale Association, San Rafael Neighborhoods Association, and East Arroyo Neighborhood Preservation Committee), which challenged Pasadena's Environmental Impact Report for NFL Rose Bowl use, was disappointed that the Superior Court ruled against us. The Coalition will appeal the decision. Importantly, although new factual and legal issues cannot be raised, the Appellate Court will review the case de novo, i.e. all over again.
The Coalition sincerely thanks all supporters of the lawsuit up to now, including SRNA. This matter is not over, and the Coalition will keep the community informed.
Rose Bowl Events: Meanwhile, Pasadena is exploring an "entertainment" alternative to the NFL to raise Rose Bowl money. Over Coalition legal objections focusing on failure to mitigate cumulative displacement (major) event impacts, the City Council recently voted to increase 2014 Rose Bowl displacement (major) events from 12 to no more than 18, including 5-6 large concerts. Additionally, in a letter to the Coalition's Attorney, the City recently confirmed that
(1) The City will not host any NFL games in the Rose Bowl during calendar year 2014;
(2) Non-Displacement "Walks/Runs" in the Central Arroyo (which have impacts on recreation and use of the Central Arroyo) will be limited to no more than 13 Rose Bowl sponsored events and no more than 3 City sponsored events in 2014;
(3) The City will share costs with the Rose Bowl Operating Company to fund a study to analyze event coordination in the Central Arroyo;
(4) The City will meet with the Coalition to discuss improving the management of events at the Rose Bowl, minimizing the inconvenience caused by such events and promoting improved residential quality of life in the City;
(5) The City does not contend that the up-to-eighteen displacement (major) events in calendar year 2014 establish a new "baseline" for displacement (major) events at the Rose Bowl.
But, a basic challenge remains: how to identify and implement performance-based, enforceable mitigation measures to protect Arroyo impacted neighborhoods from so many major and smaller events.
The NFL: There will be no 2014 NFL announcement of an L.A. team, and attention has shifted to 2015.
Recently, attention also has shifted from downtown Los Angeles to Inglewood as a possible NFL stadium location. Hollywood Park in Inglewood, which closed in 2013, includes 238 flat acres. Many believe that the site is an ideal NFL stadium location with easy Freeway access; few residential neighbors; and, plenty of room for a typical NFL stadium, including adjacent above-ground parking.
Now, per the L.A. Times, the owner of the St. Louis Rams, billionaire Stan Kroenke, has purchased the 60-acre parking lot between the Forum and Hollywood Park, possibly for a new stadium in joint venture with the Hollywood Park owners. While relocating an NFL team is complex, the Rams' lease allows them to leave St. Louis in 2015.
Stay tuned.
The Coalition for Preservation of the Arroyo is composed of the East Arroyo Neighborhood Preservation Committee (EANPC), the Linda Vista~Annandale Association, (LVAA) and the San Rafael Neighborhoods Association (SRNA), and is supported by the West Pasadena Residents' Association (WPRA).


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