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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kickstart a coloring book about electric cars


By Margaret Badore, March 10, 2014

eletric cehicle coloring book

 Ayumi Kim, who works for an electric vehicle maker in Los Angeles, gets a lot of odd questions. Questions like, "Can I plug my chainsaw into the cigarette lighter?"

She's teamed up with an artist friend, Sarah W-R, to create a fun way to get these questions answered. The two are Kickstarting a coloring book, which promises to be an entertaining way for kids and adults to learn about electric vehicles. Kim writes:
"I initially wanted to start the project because I got quite a laugh from the wide range of questions that I was being asked on a daily basis. I thought why not make it into a book that other people could also enjoy and learn from?"

  See the website for a video.

 AutoBlogGreen reports that Kim works for Tesla, but the coloring book project is not associated with the company.