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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Metro's First Priority is Always Safety

From Sylvia Plummer, March 26, 2014

This letter appeared in the Pasadena Star News on Tuesday, March 25, 2014.  I've been unable to find the direct link to this Opinion Letter, but here it is typed out for you to read:

In response to Michael Montgomery's letter "Great Danger Lurks in 710 Freeway," March 17.
The public should be assured Metro's first priority is safety.  If the freeway tunnel alternative were to be selected, all safety measures and vehicles regulations as required by law will be enforced.  (My Question:  Where are the laws regarding 5 story high and 5 mile long tunnels without exits?  This is the first one that I know of in the United States)
It is premature to concentrate on one alternative to the exclusion of four others prior to the release of the Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement EIR/EIS Report.  (My Question:  Then why are politicians/Metro Board Members such as Gloria Molina and Antonovich making statements in support of a tunnel?)
(And then here is Metro's standard ending statement)  Metro is currently studying five alternatives as part of the SR-710 North study.
1.  No build;  2.  Transportation System Management/Transportation Demand Management (TSM/TDM)'  3.  Bus Rapid Transit (BRT):  4.  Light Rail Transit (LRT);  5.  the freeway tunnel.
The draft SR-710 North report, a regional transportation study, will be available for the public to review and comment on later this spring.
-- Frank Quon, P.E., Executive Officer, Highway Programs, Los Angeles County Metro