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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

SRNA Bulletin ~ San Rafael School Update

March 4, 2014

Dear Neighbors ~

Please weigh in on the discussion concerning our San Rafael Neighborhood School! Plan to attend the meeting (we'll contact you with the date when decided), and let your opinions be known. If you'd like to email me with your ideas, feel free to do so.

Some of our 'surplus' schools (closed Pasadena schools) are being leased to charter or private schools. Think about what you think may be a suitable lessee for this three acre site.

If you've not already done so, please sign the petition regarding the 710 connector tunnels! Watch Joe Cano's informative video.


The mission of the San Rafael Neighborhoods Association (SRNA) is to enhance and maintain the character and quality of all San Rafael neighborhoods through advocacy and an activated community. 
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News Updates:

San Rafael Elementary School

710 Tunnel

Pasadena Unified School District is planning for the closure of San Rafael Elementary School due to seismic faults.

This past Monday (February 24th) the 7-11 Committee, commissioned by the school board to weigh the "limits of tolerance" for alternative uses for the site, voted to recommend that the board seek a long-term tenant to lease the property and buildings.

Adaptive reuse of the site potentially will introduce new impacts to the neighborhood and affect property values, good or bad. SRNA supports a cautious approach to this transition and a full understanding of zoning allowances.

The 7-11 Committee will hold a public hearing on this matter in the auditorium of San Rafael Elementary School in approximately four weeks. We will inform you of the date, once set.



Dear Neighbors:

Just 18 months ago (August 22, 2012) SRNA neighbors rallied at Church of the Angels to reject a plan to re-zone neighborhood properties for Metro's 710 freeway grid. Metro withdrew this proposal, having noted the "welcome mat" had been yanked in a big way.

Metro still persists with a tunnel plan through Pasadena and a guarantee of immense impacts citywide.

Metro's environmental report now is imminent (estimated release in March) and community meetings will be scheduled shortly thereafter for resident input.

If you oppose Metro's 710 tunnel through Pasadena, please complete the petition on the second page of this ALERT and bookmark www.No710.com for critical developments.

SRNA will continue to provide updates in this format, as necessary.

Thank you for your action on this important matter!
San Rafael Neighborhoods Association (SRNA).

More Signatures Needed:

Coming Soon:  Draft EIR -  Spring 2014

Current Signature Count:  1,887

Goal:   5,000

The only way we will reach our goal is if everyone gets a few more people to sign the petition.
Recruit friends, family and neighbors to sign the petition!!  They do not have to live in the area.

1.  Go to: www.NO710.com

2. Click on the words "Sign the Petition" that appear in the yellow oval. This will take you to a page that shows all the officials who will be contacted each time the petition is signed.

3. Click on the words "Sign the Petition" in the yellow box on this page and you will taken to the petition at Change.org.

4. Fill in the information at the right to sign the petition.  You can also uncheck the box under your information to opt out of receiving more petitions from Change.org.

5. Finally, click on the red box that says "Sign".
What will happen to Pasadena if the SR-710 Tunnels are built?

Take a look at this excellent short film created by Joe Cano.  Be sure to share with your friends that live in Pasadena

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