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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What Will Become of San Rafael School??? We Need Your Input

From Carla Riggs, March 19, 2014

Below is a reminder from the San Rafael Neighborhood Association.

Please, please attend this very important meeting at our San Rafael School Monday evening, March 24th, 7PM.  The PUSD is closing down our neighborhood school. They will either lease to school, board it up and let it sit, or sell the site. 

The school buildings sit on (in)active earthquake fault lines.  California law makes it illegal to use tax monies to upgrade schools because of this.

If we have to lease our school, what would you like to see in its place?  Your opinion is valued. Please make your presence heard Monday night.




S R N A 
News Bulletin:

PUSD's 7-11 Committee Asks for
Neighborhood Voices on Future Use of
the San Rafael School Site

Meet at School Auditorium
Monday, March 24th, 7:00 pm

Pasadena Unified School District is planning for the closure of San Rafael Elementary School due to seismic faults.

Monday February 24th the 7-11 Committee, commissioned by the school board to weigh the "limits of tolerance" for alternative uses for the site, voted to recommend that the board seek a tenant to lease the property and buildings.

Adaptive reuse of the site potentially will introduce new impacts to the neighborhood and affect property values, good or bad. SRNA supports a cautious approach to this transition and a full understanding of zoning allowances.

San Rafael Elementary School 
1090 Nithsdale Road

Please plan to join your neighbors for
this important meeting.

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