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Friday, May 16, 2014

Call to Action: Opinion - Voters for 710 Tunnel

From Sylvia Plummer, May 16, 2014

In today's (5/16/14) Pasadena Star News there is a letter in the Opinion section that needs our comments.  Also send a copy of your letter to the San Gabriel Valley COG, see details below:

Unable to find the link, here is the letter as it appeared:

Voters for 710 Tunnel

Two-thirds of the voters of Los Angeles County approved the 710 Freeway tunnel as part of the Measure R transportation sales tax in 2008.  Even voters in the five cities supposedly opposing the 710 overwhelmingly supported Measure R:  Pasadena (60 percent), South Pasadena (66 percent), Glendale (65 percent),  Sierra Madre (58 percent), and La Canada Flintridge (53 percent).  For too long, a vocal minority has blocked the greater good.  It's time to fulfill the will of voters and connect our freeways in the San Gabriel Valley
signed:  Victor D. Lucchesi,  Alhambra

Please respond to this letter (Voters for 710 Tunnel) by emailing 

My Opinion (Sylvia Plummer):

Gold Line vs 710 Tunnel
Most people that voted for Measure R did not know that they were voting for the 710 tunnel.  Measure R was advertised as building light rail, including the completion of the Gold Line to Claremont.  That's the project voters in the San Gabriel Valley want completed and voted for.   Instead, the section of the Gold Line from Azusa to Claremont got dropped from the list of light rail projects to be completed under Measure R.   And who do we have to blame for that decision:  The San Gabriel Valley COG.  There is one way to get the Gold Line done in our lifetime, and that's to cancel the 710 tunnel and transfer the Measure R funds to the Gold Line project.  Transfer of funds is allowed and can be done under Measure R in 2019.  Contact Andrea Miller, Executive Director, for the San Gabriel Valley COG, and let her know your opinion.

Andrea Miller, Executive Director SGVCOG