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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Diesel engines responsible for 7,000 deaths a year

Fumes from diesel engines are thought to be responsible for around 7,000 deaths a year as experts claim air pollution has a similar impact on the heart as smoking


 By Sarah Knapton, April 2014

 Diesel fumes are responsible for thousands of deaths each year

Dirty diesel engines are responsible for more than 7,000 deaths a year and the biggest polluters should be banned, experts have warned.
Particulates spewed out into the air by diesel cars, vans and buses account for one quarter of pollution in the atmosphere and have a similar impact on the heart as smoking.
Around 29,000 deaths a year are caused by pollution so experts believe that diesel alone is responsible for 25 per cent of the fatalities – around 7,250 deaths.
Diesel contains tiny toxic particles which pass through the lungs and enter every organ in the body. Both pollutants sharply raise the risk of heart attacks, stroke and asthma problems.
A recent study also found diesel fume harm children’s brains leaving them at risk of developing schizophrenia and autism.