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Friday, May 16, 2014

Sign the Petition

From Sylvia Plummer, May 16, 2014

Please sign the petition if you want to help fight the connection of the 710 to the 210, which Metro says will bring an additional 140,000 vehicles a day to the 210.

With the delay of the SR-710 Draft EIR we want to continue asking people to sign the petition.

SR-710 Draft EIR scheduled for release: February 2015

Current signature count for NO 710 Tunnel Petition: 2,114
Goal: 5,000

The only way we will reach our goal is to ask other people to sign the petition.
Recruit friends, family and neighbors to sign the petition!!

1.  Go to www.NO710.com

2. Click on the words "Sign the Petition" that appear in the yellow oval. This will take you to a page that shows all the officials who will be contacted each time the petition is signed.

3. Click on the words "Sign the Petition" in the yellow box on this page and you will taken to the petition at Change.org.

4. Fill in the information at the right to sign the petition.  You can also uncheck the boxes under your information to opt out of receiving more petitions from Change.org.
5. Finally, click on the red box that says "Sign".