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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Responsible Alhambrans Against the 710




Responsible Alhambrans Against the 710 is a community organization formed to collect, develop, provide and disseminate accurate information about the 710 extension to the citizens of Alhambra at community meetings, in newspapers, and other public forums.
We are “responsible” in that we are not only against the 710 freeway extension, but are intent on having our council members consider all alternatives, especially environmentally friendly alternatives that reflect 21st century solutions.

We say yes! to light rail for commuters and yes! to heavy rail for freight.

Fact vs. Fiction

if they close the gap flyer
Fiction: The tunnel will never be built. They’ve been talking about it for years!

FACT: They’ve been talking about an above-ground freeway for years which would’ve put all the homes in Emery Park and South Pasadena at risk for demolition. The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is coming out in Feb. 2015 to assess how safe the tunnel will be. If the tunnel is deemed feasible, Caltrans will try to have it built.

Fiction: A tunnel will help ease traffic congestion on Fremont and protect the children and pedestrians.

FACT: 60,000+ cars daily will avoid taking the 710 tunnel because of the $6-15 toll per vehicle, according to CalTrans/Metro, and they will siphon onto Alhambra’s streets.

Fiction: The polluted air from the tunnel will stay in the tunnel and/or be cleaned by special vents before it ever comes above ground in Alhambra.

FACT: Seriously?!?

Fiction: Alhambrans will be able to take the tunnel freeway and get where they need to go.

FACT: The entrance to the tunnel would be 1/2 mile south of the 10 freeway, in the City of Los Angeles.   There will be no way to enter or exit the tunnel from Alhambra.  (See map of planned tunnel portals) The tunnel would be 4.5 miles long without any off-ramps. If you do want to drive the extra few miles south to enter the tunnel and pay the toll, get ready for clogged traffic at the east-west 134-210 junction where the tunnel would let out its traffic.

FictionThe tunnel will promote more business in Alhambra because people will come to Alhambra more easily.

FACTWith no exits in the tunnel, this is not good for Alhambra business.  Drivers coming from the north would have to exit the tunnel south of the 10 freeway (not at Valley or any other exit, as there would be none) and circle back several miles to get to back Alhambra.  Shoppers from the east, west and south will get to Alhambra the same way they do now, on surface streets. (See map of planned tunnel portals)

Fiction: A freeway tunnel under ground is better than an above-ground freeway, at least.
FACT: It’s not either-or. A tunnel freeway is just as hazardous and problematic as a freeway running through our back yards. Construction costs 10x more than surface work, and $100,000,000 a year to maintain.  Let’s not forget the 10 years of construction it will take to build, according to Caltrans/Metro: 10 years of shaking, dirt, noise and trucks in Alhambra.

Fiction: Modern technology will make the tunnel safe.

FACT: If there is an fire or explosion, there will be no way to escape. Would  YOU want an explosion under your house?

FictionVoters and residents want the tunnel.

FACT: Voters were not considering a tunnel 13 years ago when LA County voted on the 710 extension. That vote is no longer relevant because the above-ground freeway is out of the question. (See what Alhambran residents are saying.) Who will be profiting from this tunnel? Who exactly wants this tunnel?

Fiction: A lot of communities want the tunnel.

FACT: Resolutions and statements against the 710 extension.

The Bottom Line: Times have changed! There are other options.

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