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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

SF Muni worker 'sickout' enters second day; Commute delays


June 3, 2014

muni bus

San Francisco commuters suffered through public transit delays Tuesday as a worker ‘sickout’ by Muni union drivers entered a second day.

The agency added an additional 100 vehicles to the system, but notified commuters to expect service disruptions, Muni officials said.

"We are still at about half capacity," Muni spokesman Paul Rose told KTVU. "We are doing all we can to get our drivers back at work."

Rose said 300 of the normal 600 buses were out for the morning commute.

All express and limited buses will be stopping at every stop unless the bus reaches full capacity, according to Muni officials.

Cable cars will be supplemented with limited shuttle buses, Muni officials said.

Customers were advised to find alternative means of transportation.

BART is honoring all Muni fares between the Daly City and Embarcadero stations, Muni officials said.

On Monday Muni ran on a third of its normal capacity due to workers calling in sick, agency Rose said.

Many commuters experienced longer wait times and struggled to make their way around San Francisco on Monday.

The union representing Muni drivers has rejected a contract that would give workers a raise of more than 11 percent over two years, but also require them to cover a 7.5 percent pension payment currently paid by the transit agency.

Workers are not allowed to go on strike. Muni has warned those calling in sick that they could face discipline.

"Sick leave is available to employees when they or a family member is sick or in need of medical care," Alicia John-Baptiste, the transit agency's chief of staff, wrote in a memo to staff on Monday. "It would be dishonest to claim entitlement to sick leave when these circumstances do not pertain."

Monday's surprise slowdown led to long lines, as most trains and buses running were at capacity.

On Monday, a fare inspector at the start of cable car lines at Powell and Market streets broke the bad news to dozens of tourists who had planned to ride the historic conveyances.

"We're very disappointed," said Willfrid Strauss, 56, who was visiting San Francisco with his new wife, Corinne, from France. The two were married in Las Vegas on Friday.

"We're only here in San Francisco for three days, so this is one of the highlights of our trip," he said.