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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Update and Call to Action

From Sylvia Plummer, June 28, 2014

As most of you know by now, the release of the Draft EIR/EIS for the SR-710 North Project, which was originally to have been released this Spring, has been delayed until February of 2015.  This delay works in our favor, giving the No 710 Action Committee, as well as the Five Cities Alliance, additional time to prepare for the release and subsequent public comment period of 90 days.   The Alliance has been working to hire professionals to review the DEIR/EIS, while the No 710 Action Committee is recruiting people with some experience, expertise or significant interest in various areas (health, pollution, traffic, safety, etc.) to participate (pro bono) in its review of the DEIR/EIS.  If you, or someone you know, is interested in helping with our review, please contact me as soon as possible.  We also want to have as many people from the public review the document, and will be sending out useful information addressing how to put together an effective comment on a DEIR/EIS, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, two opportunities for you to demonstrate opposition to the Tunnels in favor of better mobility solutions are coming up soon! 

Friday, July 4th, 2014

Time: 10:00 AM - noon

Come join us to march against the 710 Tunnel.  Show Caltrans and Metro that opposition to the SR-710 Tunnels is more widespread than South Pasadena!.

The route is less than one mile and very flat.  We need people from the different cities to carry their city sign (which will be provided)

Meet us at 10:00 am at Hope Street and Meridian Ave in South Pasadena.  
The easiest way to get to the meeting point is via the Gold Line.  Take the Gold Line to the South Pasadena Station which is on the corner of Meridian Avenue and Mission Street.  Then walk one block north on Meridian to Hope Street.
Parking is an issue.  There will be no parking next to the meeting point.  Watch out for No Parking signs.  Expect to walk a few blocks.
Wear our  No 710 T-shirts or other red apparel.  All props will be provided such as balloon hats, signs, etc.  Bring your family, kids, neighbors, & friends.

No 710 T-shirts will be available on the 4th (for $8) or email No710store@gmail.com or call 626-354-4340.

Facebook Page for the event:
After, join us for a cool Margarita. Kids get cold water. (Hope Street and Meridian Ave)
Picture from last year:
Thursday, July 10th

4 - 7 pm at the intersection of Valley Blvd. and Fremont Ave. 

The City of Alhambra has been the most vocal proponent of the Tunnels, believing that the Tunnel Alternative is the answer to the congestion on Alhambra's surface streets.  Recently, Alhambra hired the respected PR firm of Englander, Knabe and Allen (EKA) to help them promote and gain support for the Tunnels (Yes, for those of you who are wondering, the "Knabe" component of EKA is the son of Metro Board member, Don Knabe).  The recent upgrade of the proponents' website (http://www.710coalition.com/) and the hanging of pro-tunnel street banners in Alhambra are two of the products of EKA's involvement.

From the 710 Coalition's website:
"The goal (of 710 Day) is to raise awareness about the proposed 710 freeway extension from Alhambra to Pasadena, while creating a fun and informative environment where the community can learn more about the project. Various booths will be present to share information about the many benefits of completing the 710 Freeway. Learn about the 710-Corridor project and get answers to your questions at this family-friendly event!"

The majority of those present last year were City employees wearing blue "Close the Gap" T-Shirts and who knew very little about the SR-710 North Study.  Members of the No 710 Action Committee attended, walking around and talking with those in attendance about the facts.  We discovered that most did not know that the tunnels would be tolled, and that City officials had been telling their citizens that trucks would not be allowed in the tunnels -- something that has not been determined and is unlikely to be true. 

We need more people to attend this year.  It is critical that we reinforce opposition to the Tunnels in favor of better solutions.  Please try to attend and help get the word out about the truth behind this project.  We have information cards prepared that address facts about the project, backed by references to Metro's own reports, that we use as starting points for conversations and to distribute to Alhambrans.   
Wear red or your No 710 T-shirt, and look for those of us also wearing red No 710 T-Shirts. 
You can order a NO 710 T-shirt for the event by  emailing  No710store@gmail.com or call 626-354-4340.  Let them know it's for the "710 Day" event.