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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Alhambra 710 Day Celebration

From Sylvia Plummer, July 13, 2014

What did it cost?


Costs to Taxpayers

1. City of Alhambra 710 lobbyist from 2006-Jan. 2014: $1.8+ million - Payments to Leland Dolley (pdf)   

2. “Dig It” Banners on Fremont Avenue: $119, 920 - 2013 street banner project cost memo (pdf)

3.  Alhambra Close the Gap 7/10 day 2013: Total: $22,783 
  • promotional materials, fliers and supplies:  $8,015
  • audio/visual                                             9,150
  • logistics                                                   4,020
  • insurance                                                 1,598
(Thanks, City,  for closing down Fremont during Rush Hour, Alhambra!!)
4. Alhambra Close the Gap 7/10 day 2014: estimated total: $22,783

5. The actual tunnel: $ billions.  Check out the various cost estimates thus far….

6. Toll charges per vehicle, one way: $6-15 (as per Metro/Caltrans)

 I was told that those for the 710 tunnel were wearing blue shirts and that they were all employees of Alhambra.  The young students wearing blue shirts were Alhambra's summer hires.  What are they celebrating, has Metro selected an Alternative?

Note:  Metro did not send any representatives to this event.