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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Alhambra-Geddon: 710 Day Traffic Jam.

Posted by Joe Cano on Facebook, July 8, 2014

Get ready for it because here it comes again like a bad migraine headache. Alhambra will once again try to solve the traffic problem by creating one big massive one on 710 Day. Everyone can thank Barbara Messina, Steve Placido & Luis Ayala from the Alhambra City Council for this, the other council members are too dimwitted & clueless, they are just going along to get along. Can't really blame the dumb ones for wanting to belong to the click.

 Warn your respective cities of the coming backup from the south.


 1:45PM Mission westbound.


 1:50PM Fremont & Mission ahead.


 1:50PM Fremont & Mission ahead.


 2:00PM 7/8/2014


 2:15PM 7/8/2014


 2:20PM 7/8/2014


  2:30PM 7/8/2014 Fremont Ave southbound.


  2:30PM 7/8/2014 Fremont Ave southbound.


 2:35PM 7/8/2014 Fremont Ave southbound.

2:40PM 7/8/2014 Valley Blvd eastbound.


2:45PM/8/2014 Valley Blvd eastbound.

 2:50PM 7/8/2014 Valley Blvd eastbound.


 Parking next to the event site On Shorb will be restricted. Even if your are a resident you are getting screwed by the Alhambra City council.