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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Alhambra Residents write letter to their City Council

Alhambrans Against 710
P.O. Box 3071
Alhambra, CA 91803

July 2, 2014

Dear City Council of Alhambra:

It is disappointing to many voters and residents of Alhambra to know that
our city is one of the few around that still supports the 710 extension.
Glendale, South Pasadena, La Canada-Flintridge, Pasadena, and Sierra Madre
are all in support of finding other solutions.  We, too, are opposed to the
710 freeway tunnel extension because it will:

·     result in poor air quality in our area. According to Metro¹s
Alternatives Analysis:  ³Three major categories of pollutants would
increaseĆ  Concentrated exhaust from miles of tunnel would be expelled into
Alhambra from the south portal.² The health effects for residents and
children will be irreversible: ³Fine particulate matter (PM) in diesel
exhaust, coming from trucks, [bypasses] the body's natural defenses
penetrating deep into the lungs where it may cause or exacerbate respiratory
and cardiovascular illnesses, and even premature death.  California has
identified diesel PM as a toxic air contaminant and estimates 70% of the
cancer risk from the air we breathe is attributable to diesel PM² (source:
Union of Concerned Scientists, California: Diesel Trucks, Air Pollution and
Public Health). Air filtering technology only partially addresses the
problem but does not address the problem of fine particulate matter in
diesel exhaust.

·     increase traffic on the 710 north by 180,000 more vehicles per day
according to CalTrans/Metro, which is a 5-fold increase. Furthermore, it
will increase truck traffic going north from the ports of Long Beach and Los
Angeles (See: Iteris¹ Innovation for Better Mobility ³I-710 Missing Link
Truck Study, May 2009²); more trucks and diesel exhaust means worse air
quality, especially around the tunnel portals.

·     increase traffic on our surface streets. CalTrans/Metro reports there
will be 60,000 additional cars per day on our surface streets due to people
avoiding toll payments ($6-15 per car one way) in the proposed 710 tunnel.
The traffic will be exacerbated by the mega-construction projects planned on
Fremont just north of Mission.

·     have no on- or off-ramps for local drivers to benefit from, according
to CalTrans/Metro.

·     lower property values in Alhambra. Who will want to buy a home subject
to continuous 24/7 of construction, trucks, dirt, noise and vibration
estimated to last 10+ years?

For the City to promote closure of  ³the gap² and endorse a freeway tunnel,
even before a final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is adopted, is
short-sighted and irresponsible. Instead of harking back to a 1950s
solution, Alhambra must consider modern-day alternatives.

As described in an article published in the supplemental section of the LA
Times on June 30, 2014, transportation trends favor public transit and
walkable communities, which instead of freeway tunnel, would enhance our own
community.  We want our city to adopt policies and embrace practices that
will improve the environment and traffic, not make it worse or simply
mitigate them.

We invite you to look at our website www.alhambransagainst710.com
<http://www.alhambransagainst710.com>  to separate the facts from fiction
and to help you consider what your constituents really want.


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