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Friday, July 11, 2014

On Alhambra's Road Closures for Their 710 Freeway Event

Barbara Messina's Justification for the Traffic Mess the 710 Event Caused in Alhambra yesterday:

From  http://www.sgvtribune.com/general-news/20140710/alhambra-hosts-710-day-to-advocate-for-710-freeway-tunnel

The street fair closed down three blocks of Fremont Avenue, which is one of the major north/south routes for commuters, from 1-9 p.m., causing traffic to back up during evening rush hour. Some residents complained on social media about the inconvenience.

The event itself lasted from 4-7 p.m.

Councilwoman Barbara Messina, who has advocated for the freeway extension for decades, said the traffic was a standard occurrence on Alhambra surface streets. She said the congestion could be reduced if the freeway tunnel is finally constructed.

“We are calling attention to a nightmare that we’ve been living,” Messina said.

 Traffic Mess Caused by the 710 Freeway Event


 Photo by Joe Cano.


Video by Joe Cano: We see the potential public safety & matters of life & death when a street is closed. This vehicle had come up from Valley when they first arrived at a call at the Alhambra. On the way back they redirected it east on Mission.

  Sign put up by Joe Cano across the street from the 710 Freeway exit:


Complaints on Facebook

How can this be legal? How can they take taxpayer money and pay employees to do something that is partisan? It's very Tea Party Esque. I don't see how they can get away with this every year with disrupting traffic. It actually is a health hazard. What if a fire truck or ambulance was blocked because of this action?

 Traffic was a mess in South Pasadena.

 THIS IS MY EXCERPT TO THE ALHAMBRA POLICE DEPT'S FB PAGE: "THIS was extremely poor planned and has inconvenienced many residents. It is almost 100 degrees today....people are stuck in cars for almost 45 minutes to go 1 mile! For those on the fence about this issue--the lack of planning and TOTAL inconvenience to residents by not having closures later in the day AND closing all the side streets has left a sour taste in my mouth and many on my street.

Marlena, we couldn't agree more! Alhambra's leaders are wrongheaded by inconveniencing their residents by blocking streets and artificially creating traffic jams. Perhaps they feel that by showing how bad traffic is on Fremont that residents will get behind them and demand the tunnel get built. As you share here, we feel this will backfire on them.

  while I don't think this has anything to do with the Tea Party--this issue has people on the left and the right standing together as one--I do agree with you that we should file a complaint or suit with the city for using our dollars on an issue that is what..."special interest" driven...one that is not done yet...why would we have a celebration for something that is not decided. What exactly were they celebrating.

 Thank you Marlena for correcting me. You are correct that this is not a partisan issue. I was commenting about this because if I recall, at a previous rally, there were, "don't tread on me" signs, which is a slogan the Tea Party has adopted from the Revolutionary War. But again, thank you for the correction.

 You ask why they would have a celebration for something that is not decided? At every meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee for this project, Alhambra's paid lobbyist, Leland Dolley, makes a sanctimonious statement about how no one should be presuming that a tunnel will be built, that Metro is conducting an EIR and we all need to be patient and wait for the outcome because it might not be a tunnel. If you think the study and the manipulation of the data by Metro isn't geared toward making sure the tunnel is the preferred alternative, and always has been, check out some of this:

 highway expansion | Streetsblog Los Angeles

 In the meantime, drivers sit in traffic in 100 degree temp. Very considerate to prove what point? The press is already giving Alhambra a blackeye. Major backfire in the PR side.