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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Video by Joe Cano: Alhambra Councilman Steve Placido

Posted by Joe Cano on Facebook, July 15, 2014

Steve Placido verbally assualts someone's grandmother:

This explains why Alhambra residents are reluctant to participate in their city government. They have to deal with thugs & bullies abusing their political power to shut people up & have them hauled off by the police department. When an Alhambran Against 710 called Placido out of order, two police officers started to move in but backed soon off. My cameras had a definite effect. I would have documented over aggressive behavior & they would have tried to arrested me to confiscate my footage. This city council has historically had people removed because they did not like what they are hearing.

Alhambra City Council Meeting Photos
Posted by Joe Cano on Facebook, July 15, 2014 

 I have never seen such a collection of this many dodgy people all gathered in one place since my time at 20th Century Fox in weekly staff meetings. They bully, dictate & lecture, & not govern. This is like a bad dream with some really f'ed up dwarfs.






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