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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Connecting Pasadena Plan (CPP)


October 2014

 Be sure to attend two visioning workshops to re-design the area between Union to California, the 710 stub, or what we like to call “the ditch.”  That’s right!  We’d like to ditch the ditch.  And many others in Pasadena are in agreement.  So let’s get together to make it happen ….

History:  50 years ago, the state seized a gigantic swath of Pasadena’s most valuable land in the center of the city, and demolished and razed countless people’s property for a barren road, and then stopped.  Countless stories of individual Pasadenans whose lives were affected by this seizure are rooted in this land that now lies vacant, dormant, silent, dead.   The time has come to awaken it.  What new stories will be told?  Do YOU have a story—old or new?  Please tell us, write to update@wpra.net.

Renowned architect and urbanist Stefanos Polyzoides will lead two sequential visioning workshops Saturday, October 25 and Saturday, November 8, 9-noon at Maranatha High School.

Transportation, economic and land use experts will provide information and answer questions.  They will lay the foundation upon which citizens’ ideas can be integrated to turn this fallow land into an economically and aesthetically viable district of Pasadena.
  • The 710 stub  needlessly cuts off Pasadena in two by an unsightly ditch
  • Metro’s 4.9 mile long tunnel will bring 8 lanes of car and truck traffic into the 134/210 interchange, into the heart of Old Pasadena
  • Let’s work together to transform this  36 acre, 25 feet deep ditch into an area of beauty and value for Pasadena:

    • What should we place there?
    • What economic and transportation challenges will it pose?
    • How can we make it viable, beautiful, useful, and vibrant?
    • How can we knit it seamlessly into its surroundings?

  • The product will be a draft master plan based on your ideas from the workshop
  • Connecting Pasadena Plan and the tunnel are mutually exclusive—one or the other

    • The CPP would be managed and built by Pasadenans for Pasadena
    • The CPP would eliminate uncertainty, trucks, threefold traffic increase, pollution, noise, and gridlock
    • The CPP would mean long-term LOCAL jobs, not imported workers
    • The CPP would be phased, not a decade-long continuous excavation and construction
    • The CPP would not cost California taxpayers $5.6 billion

  • To learn  more about the tunnel, we urge you to please review Metro’s and other resources and links at:  no710.com.   Find out the facts!
For more information about Connecting Pasadena Plan, click here.

To Sign up for a workshop, write to DPNAlist+RSVP@gmail.com