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Saturday, September 6, 2014

L.A. County Supervisor Gloria Molina to challenge L.A. Councilman Jose Huizar


By Dakota Smith, September 5, 2014


 Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina, seen above in a 2012 photo, is running for the Los Angeles City Council District 14 seat now held by Councilman Jose Huizar.

Setting the stage for an intense political battle for Los Angeles’ Eastside, County Supervisor Gloria Molina announced Friday she will run for the council district seat currently held by City Councilman Jose Huizar.

Her campaign marks Molina’s bid to return to Los Angeles City Hall. First elected to the City Council in 1987, Molina served for one term before running for the Board of Supervisors, where she is now facing term limits.

“I just am not finished yet,” said Molina, 66.

Molina’s entry into the race dramatically shakes up the March 2015 primary election, which some observers had believed Huizar could easily sweep. He has raised more than $600,000 and is facing two lesser known-candidates, Nadine Diaz and Alex San Martin. At a fundraiser for his re-election last fall, City Council President Herb Wesson called Huizar his “best friend” on the council.
The election also comes amid wide criticism that there is just one female, Nury Martinez, serving on the 15-member City Council.

In an interview, Molina criticized the councilman’s approach to handling the 14th Council District, which includes the communities of downtown, Boyle Heights, Highland Park and El Sereno.

“He is lacking in his approach to constituent issues and quality of life issues,” Molina said.
She also pointed to her own legislative record, including her efforts on transportation. As a member of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board, Molina helped deliver the new Gold Line light rail line through the Eastside.

Rumors that Molina would challenge Huizar have been circulating at City Hall for months. Earlier this summer, Molina’s office refused to comment when asked if she had purchased a home to move into Huizar’s district. On Friday, she confirmed that she had recently bought a home in El Sereno.

In a statement, Huizar pointed to his effort to revitalize the Broadway corridor and create new jobs. The councilman added that “service to Council District 14 constituents has never been higher and I look forward to continuing to serve as their council member for the next four years.”

Huizar faces re-election as he contends with a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by Francine Godoy, a former staffer. The married councilman has denied Godoy’s allegations and said the two had a consensual affair.
On Friday, Molina suggested she wouldn’t be making an issue of Huizar’s legal battle against Godoy. “Very frankly, he has a personal issue that he has to deal with,” Molina said. “I don’t want to deal with that in the campaign.”

One question in the race will be the role of labor, a powerful force in City Council elections. Maria Elena Durazo, head of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, attended Huizar’s first major fundraiser last fall but has yet to formally endorse in the race.

“I have had good labor support in the past,” Molina said. “I look forward to having the opportunity to speak with them.”

Molina’s entry into the race drew an immediate endorsement from Supervisor Michael Antonovich, her colleague at the county. In a statement, Antonovich called her an “honorable person,” adding that Molina has “my full support in her effort to become City Councilwoman in the 14th council district.”

Facebook comments:
 I wonder how long it will take her to try and overturn LA's resolution against the tunnel?

 Why doesn't she just retire?

 I think we got our work cut out for us.

 No surprise, she had been hinting for some time now. Let's see how this goes.

 We don't want GM in charge. She and GC want the 710 and that will be disaster. GC & GM lackluster leadership would be a huge set back for NELA. Look at the stagnation already with CD1. I am supporting CM Huizar all the way. CM Huizar gets things done. Plus he helped draft and push through the resution against the SR-710 in the City Council. You think GM is going to listen? GM has never been in the communities or participated in relationships. No collaboration.

One of our friends got a job working for her either last year or the year before. Her former aide for our area was negligent & absent. He brought her presence back here & she has donated to a few of our activities since. But as the saying goes one monkey don't make a show. And if she were to win she would not have Supervisor $ to back her promises up....

 She will follow the neglect approach as is consistent with her style of politics. Pandering to her husbands contracting needs and big business. Oh yeah she's female. Right. She never spoke to any of us when we were contacting her regarding the 710 coming through our communities. She couldn't be bothered. Addressing us only in a mass produced and snail mailed form letter stating her non-committal position in helping us. 

 She maintained her support for the 710 all the way to her Metro seat and denied the communities her support. Now she lives in El Sereno. Just saying GC did the same thing. Pandering to the majority and lying through his teeth.

 Jose Huizar has been involved, interested, and effective in his community in so many ways. happy to support him in his future efforts.

 "Molina’s entry into the race drew an immediate endorsement from Supervisor Michael Antonovich, her colleague at the county. In a statement, Antonovich called her an “honorable person,” adding that Molina has “my full support in her effort to become City Councilwoman in the 14th council district.”

 How many Republicans do we think is in that city council district?!?!?

 What the hell does Antonovich know of the needs of this district?

 That's an excellent question ... I would answer with zero!!!

 Missing in action from El Sereno for many years. She alienates the folks in Boyle Hgts & East LA & tries to make nice with El Sereno by donating a few trees & some money for the kite festival. Self Righteous, likes the sound of her own voice, husband involved in questionable business practices & lots to be suspicious about this politico. She recently joined the 710 Close The Gap gang pushing a tunnel on El Sereno. If you join a group of liars, what does that make you.