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Friday, September 12, 2014

Poll Shows Strong Support for 710 Tunnel!


Posted by Janice Ochoa, September 10, 2014

We just completed a research poll, and not surprisingly it shows strong support for completing the 710 Noth Freeway. The poll consisted of a public survey that included registered voters throughout Los Angeles and 12 affected areas around the 710. Alhambra City Council-member, Barbara Messina said, “It was gratifying to have confirmed that an overwhelming number of residents in the communities, directly affected by the project, are among the strongest supporters for closing the 710 gap.”

According to the poll, “traffic congestion on local streets is an important issue to 76% of those surveyed.” While there was strong support for the 710 gap closure to begin with, “affected areas support rose to better than 3-to-1” when people learned more about the project. 

It's time to put the solution to our traffic problems into action and build th710 tunnel! To show your support for completing the 710 North Freeway gap closure click here. To read more about the poll click here!

Facebook Comments:

 What a bunch of bull! It's hard to believe that there is 66% support from South Pas respondents when there are no exits through the tunnel and SP residents wouldn't benefit from it...

 An extremely amateurish job. I have seen better statistics in high school projects!

 What statistics, there aren't any. This little piece has no content.

 Another manipulation. Push poll of the highest order. If the interviewees had the basic info that there would be tolls to use the tunnels, the cost is $5-10 billion and the traffic on surface streets would increase from those diverting to not use tunnels the majority would be against it.

 Percentages tell nothing unless they are backed up with Stats like the number polled in each city and standard deviations, confidence limits, etc. A good survey with nothing to hide would also report the polling questions. This is bush league at best.

 Would like to see actual poll questions, breakdown of "randomized" registered voters, and breakdown of vote by community (they show breakdown of 2008 measure R only).

 Oh, forgot a fact! It would take about 10 years to build according to a study done in 2006.
 Don't believe it!

 This is where we need to appeal to the cities alliance to do an independent survey and or review. This is a typical PR playbook and as we got tougher, Metro has had to spend more for a better PR firm. An annoying irony in that in fighting to save money, we are making Metro spend more tax money to fight us!

 Not surprisingly?

 What a sham. However,I will say that this story is so see- through that we could only wish Caltrans/METRO had been this transparent.

Via Email

I don't consider this an article when it's on the 710 coalition website.  It's garbage.  
"The 710 coalition paid for the survey and also developed the questions to get the results they wanted."