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Monday, October 20, 2014

Alhambra Source interview with Congressional candidate Jack Orswell (opposing Judy Chu)

From Sylvia Plummer, October 20, 2014, submitted by Sam Burgess

Jack Orswell is a candidate for the congressional seat now held by Congresswoman Judy Chu.  The attached article/interview was conducted by Alhambra Source, an on-line newspaper for the City of Alhambra.
Mr. Orswell's views on the 710 extension sound as if he has been listening to many of the arguments of the No 710 Action Committee: construction costs; tolls; and improving the traffic management system.  He also speaks of improving alternative transportation networks.

Remember, Jack Orswell is expressing his anti-710 extension views in the City of Alhambra and by speaking as he does, he shows that this issue crosses political party lines.
We are making a difference.

(For those of you in Alhambra you might be interested in his views on over-development, historic preservation and bike lanes).


Compare and Contrast Mr. Orswell's view with that of current Congresswoman, Judy Chu:  

Content from the No 710 Action Committee website

"Judy Chu, U. S. Congresswoman Incumbent and Candidate 27th Congressional District, Nov 6th 2014 (and wife of Mike Eng) District Map
Quote about Chu: "In the fall of 2001, and led by State Assemblymember Judy Chu of Monterey Park, the 710 Freeway Coalition helped form the 710 Freeway Legislative Action Group (710 FLAG) at the state level. The 710 FLAG is a determined group of about a dozen state senators and assemblymembers who are committed to pushing the 710 Freeway through to completion."

Source: Support of Elected Officials is Nearly Unanimous. Nat Read's 710 Freeway Coalition website.

and, more recently

Quote: "The Environmental Impact Report will advance this project, and reflects the overwhelming position of the San Gabriel Valley cities that recognize, as I do, that completing the 710 gap is the highest highway priority for the two million residents of this region. We simply cannot delay progress on this project."

Source: Letter from Congresswoman Judy Chu to Metro Board. April 21, 2010"