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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Signs Of Trouble In Alhambra

Posted on Facebook by Joe Cano, October 15, 2014

Here is the newest instance of Alhambra's spending spree of Measure R Funds (Tax$$$$$). The change of color indicates the public was tuning out the white motif of the previous signs. The same as when people ignore those annoying flyers that accumulate on your fence. Alhambra's Barbara Messina & her schizophrenic messaging continues. Is it a freeway? (which would be free), or is it a tunnel that will have to be tolled. Sloganeering & jingoistic. These people are as morally suspect as car salesmen or even 'carny people'.


 Sign near Valley Blvd.


Sign past LA Fitness. Sign #4 not up by Alberson's

WTF. This looks like a rush job.