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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New graphic: Metro’s $14-billion capital program


By Steve Hymon, December 10, 2014



With numerous major transit and highway projects under construction — including five rail projects — Metro created the above graphics. I think these are very useful for those interested in project costs and where the funding for the projects is coming from.

The two obvious takeaways: Metro’s capital program is immense by national standards, even if you’re only looking at the major projects. And Metro is using its local and state funding to help attract federal funding to get projects built. If you’re a taxpayer — and everyone reading this is — that’s a big deal to have your dollars stretched further.

One other point worth mentioning is that Metro works with other agencies to get projects done. On the highway side, Caltrans is a frequent partner. But Metro also gets funding from local cities and, likewise, helps fund projects in cities through a variety of programs.

Going forward, the obvious policy question is how much federal funding will there be in the future? Generally speaking, the needle hasn’t moved much on the total amount of federal funding in recent decades, one reason you see a lot of media stories writing about the need to update America’s infrastructure. It’s going to be a big policy question in Washington D.C. and the answer will impact Los Angeles County and many other metro areas around the U.S.