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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Getting Ready for the EIR!

Posted on Facebook by A-Team Portantino, February 28, 2015

A big shout out to the City of La Canada Flintridge and the outstanding citizen activists who put on and attended this very important EIR workshop this morning. Our numbers are growing!!!! ‪#‎no710‬ ‪#‎pasadena‬ ‪#‎southpasadena‬ ‪#‎lacanada‬ ‪#‎sierramadre‬ ‪#‎lacrescenta‬ ‪#‎glendale‬ ‪#‎sunlandtujunga‬ ‪#‎losangeles‬ ‪#‎MTA‬ ‪#‎Caltrans‬

 City Holds 710 EIR Workshop:


  Photos from this monring's workshop — in La Canada Flintridge, California.


 Cities from LA to the San Gabriel Valley and West to through the foothills are coming together to oppose the 710 tunnel and bracing for the release of the EIR.

Helping any and every way I can to get the word out.


Oh no, we don't want this at the base of Huntington Hospital on one end and the great community of El Sereno on the other.

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I guarantee they won't have that image for Pasadena....but are.have already planned it for El Sereno...current designs would place the starter shaft on the north side of Valley Blvd between the Recycle Plant and Grifols. The hole in the ground would be about 200ft wide, along Valley and extend north about 800ft toward the UPRR tracks (about half the vacant lot's length) and be about 200ft deep -total excavation of 1.5-2,000,000 cu yd. Also all vent exhaust during the 4-7 year construction would be exhausted next to the Front Str. Neighborhood of Alhambra (but remember BM says that they want it). So it is now getting real and everyone want to do something.... If you are real and not just digital...I can help your review and commenting on the DEIR BUT I need 5-9 people for 3 hrs to really learn how to review and comment on an EIR...not like what we got today....this is now REAL time not just talk and chatting...Send me a mail and I will help...ctwilliams2012@yahoo.com