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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Where is the SR-710 Study - Cost Benefit Analysis?

From Sylvia Plummer, March 21, 2015

Timeline & Details:  Where is the SR-710 Study - Cost Benefit Analysis?

Here's a Time Line with details:  
December 11, 2013:
For those that did not attend the December 11, 2013 California Transportation Commission (CTC)  meeting, below is a video link to the SR-710 portion of the meeting.  During the Public comment portion of the SR-710 Presentation, both Anthony Portantino (former State Assembly Member) and Donald Voss (City Council member, La Canada) ask for a creditable Cost Benefit Analysis. Great speeches!  (Note: Portantino also points out the Tunnels are not Freeways but Toll ways.)
Then the CTC Chair calls Carrie Bowen (Caltrans District 7 Director) to the podium:
CTC Chair: "Are we not supposed to do a Cost Analysis studies on a large project before we start?" "Is there some requirement?'
Carrie Bowen:  There is a requirement during the process to do a Financial Analysis on the projects.
CTC Chair:  Is that done in advance of the EIR?  in the EIR?
Carrie Bowen:  It is part of the Project Report.
CTC Chair:  Is it part of the EIR?
Carrie Bowen:  It's adjacent to the EIR.  We can fold it into the EIR.
CTC Chair:  It comes before, right?  When do you expect it to be out?
Carrie Bowen:  It does not come before.  It's at the same time.
CTC Chair:   They will be released together?
Carrie Bowen:   YES
Doug Failing (then Head of Highway Projects for Metro) joins Carrie Bowen at the podium, and makes a statement.  It is not very clear on the video what he said.  But you can hear him say that the report does exist for/with the Officers.
H ere's the link  to the video (Thanks to Joe Cano):