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Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Catastrophic Event Rocks Seattle--TV Show

Posted on Facebook, May 23, 2015

Grey's Anatomy episode deals with roadway tunnel collapse.

This was brought to our attention by a No 710 Action Committee member.

The May 7th episode of Grey's Anatomy had the doctor's of Seattle Grace Hospital dealing with an emergency of major proportions.

Leading up to this clip, here's what they wrote:

(Two Ambulances roll into the hospital with no survivors inside.)

"We have four more ambulances behind us and and every single one of them has nothing but DOAs."
"Why aren't the Ambulances is unloading?”

"Because they aren't ambulances there freak'in hearses." “All the patients are dead!”

"What the hell happened out there?"
What happened "out there" was a collapse in Seattle's (as yet not completed) SR-99 Tunnel during rush hour, the Northbound entrance completely caved-in trapping 20 vehicles.

The episode may be viewed free online at (be patient through the ads):


Let's hope Seattle never has to experience this type of disaster, and that Los Angeles never gets the opportunity to!