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Monday, May 4, 2015

Letter from City of Pasadena

From Sylvia Plummer, April 28, 2015

The two page letter from Pasadena Mayor Bogaard is addressed to Metro Board Chairman Eric Garcetti and copied to Metro CEO Phil Washington, CalTrans Director Malcom Dougherty and CalTrans District 7 Garrett Damrath and addresses the SR-710 North Draft EIR/EIS.  
Points made in the letter:
1.  Pasadena City Council approved a motion to oppose the highway tunnel alternative as documented in the SR-710 North Draft EIR.
2  Pasadena City Council approved the recommendation of the Pasadena Working Group (PWG) and offered the PWG recommendation as the locally Preferred Alternative for the SR-710 North Study.
3. A request was made for the Cost Benefit Analysis and a restart of 120 days public review period when the Cost Benefit Analysis surfaces.
Also included with the letter is the 19 page Pasadena Working Group preferred alternative.
For the letter, go to