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Friday, May 8, 2015

SR710 DEIR Public Comment Meeting - El Sereno 5/7/2015

Posted by Joe Cano on Facebook, May 8, 2015

The meeting was well attended. Members of NO710 Pasadena, So. Pasadena, El Sereno & Alhambra were there in force. Reps from Councilman Huizar CD14 & LA32NC reresentatives there too. Many El Sereno residents as well. Please note that Alhambra Councilman Steve Placido brought with him the Harvard Pro-tunnel Union Labor Debating team and a few pro tunnel Alhambra folks in a sorry display of ineptitude. I give the Placido team the award for the most incoherent, uninformed, unintelligible babbling & inarticulate performance in the history of this tunnel battle. In contrast we had my best friend & mentor in this tunnel fight, Prof. David Diaz an early tunnel fighter. A representative from the National Resource Defense Council, doctors, lawyers & teachers. I am surprised Placido can still walk. Every time he runs his mouth he shoots himself in the foot.


LA32NC reps


 Alhambra Councilman Placido with the labor contingent that made no sense.
 Paul Habib Chief Of Staff for Councilman Jose Huizar and his awesome statement.
  The Dr. in the house.
  Councilman Huizar's power duo Kevin & Julio.
  Our wonderful Claire Bogaard. Mrs Mayor of Pasadena!

Metro & Caltrans people stoic & sullen as they were getting the butt kicked.

El Sereno's Hugo Garcia letting them have it.
Therese U. Hernandez-Cano from El Sereno also letting them have it.