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Monday, May 4, 2015

SR710 Joe Cano Videos

NO710 Dr. Tom Williams & myself (Joe Cano) talking about some points on the SR710 Project. 

No 710 Speaks at Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy 




Mayor Garcetti @Move LA 




Valley Blvd/Alhambra Ave Connector 

 A blast from the past. A project suppressed for political expediency by Antonio Villaraigosa. This project sit on a shelf gathering dust. Taxpayer money already spent on DEIR, DVD's by the thousands in boxes, plans & documents never released.




Alhambra City Councilman 

 Same old cliches from Alhambra councilman that repeatedly uses the word 'Freeway'. We all know it will be a tolled tunnel. Alhambra residents follow to shot down his pretty balloons and chase the moon away.... 




More comments from 710 DEIR hearing 4/14/2015 

 Interesting comments at 710 DEIR Hearing 4/14/2015




Pasadena City Council votes to oppose the 710 tunnel 4/13/2015 

 The Steve Madison resolution to oppose the 710 Tunnel wins with 5 votes. The SR710 tunnel is dead!!!!!!!!




710 DEIR comments 4/11/2015 - excerpt 

 Here are two of the more notable comments at this hearing. An East Los Angeles resident & business owner calling Metro staffers out as 'LIARS' and their ineptitude & incompetence in outreach to East Los Angeles stakeholders. A representative from CD14 Councilman Huizar's office follows & declares the official position. Trish throws in her thoughts as well.




710 DEIR Hearing 4/11/2015 

 Public Comments at East LA College