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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Large trucks on all sides of 710 and its controversy: Letters


I understand the citizens of Alhambra wish to reduce traffic on Fremont Avenue. However, building the tunnel would not achieve this. The tunnel would really only provide trucks better access to the 210 Freeway, and I find it hard to believe that motorists would utilize the tunnel. While driving on the 710 Freeway I have sometimes found myself surrounded by large trucks on all four sides of my car.

I don’t suffer from claustrophobia, but it is somewhat anxiety-producing. And this is on an open freeway. I cannot imagine that people, especially those traveling with children in their car, would choose to drive surrounded by trucks in a 4-mile stretch of tunnel with no exits. What if there a crash, a fire or a natural disaster? As a nurse practitioner, I wonder how long it would take for emergency personnel to reach you, and would it be in time?

The estimated cost of building the tunnel is $5.6 billion, and what project is ever brought in on budget? Would it not be better to use that money to address any pediatric respiratory issues that arise from above-ground traffic?

— Jacqueline Ficht, South Pasadena