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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Principles Guiding A Proposed New Sales Tax Measure


Posted by Gloria Ohland, July 13, 2015


Move LA's Leadership Board and coalition partners are meeting with new LA Metro CEO Phil Washington Tuesday to talk about the projects that we'd like to see funded in a new sales tax measure to achieve the objectives listed above.

We are keenly interested in:
  • Completing the Metro Rail Transit Strategic Plan
  • Ensuring that there is a robust operating budget that makes it possible to keep fares low
  • Creating of network of Grand Boulevards that could include transit upgrades to bus rapid transit*
  • Expand funding for active transportation and first-last-mile connections to stations
  • Modernize the Metrolink commuter rail system
  • Invest in clean goods movement with zero- + near-zero-emission vehicles
  • Make neighborhoods better places in which to live without displacing current residents or local businesses
*Bus rapid transit (BRT) is high-quality, high-capacity bus service, with buses that often travel in exclusive lanes from station to station (not bus stop to bus stop), thereby avoiding traffic and providing a more comfortable ride. The Orange Line (from North Hollywood to Chatsworth) is “true BRT” in that it travels in its own right of way; the Silver Line (from El Monte to Gardena) travels in its own right of way some of the time.