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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Los Angeles Might Be Getting Occasional Party Train to Vegas


By Bianca Barragan, August 11, 2015


A party train to Las Vegas is apparently getting pretty close to finally taking its maiden voyage, but it'll only be making occasional trips after that and oh yeah, it won't actually be leaving from Los Angeles. X Train, which has been working on getting this stylish party (train) started for five years now has announced on its Facebook page that it's planning to start selling tickets in September for a New Year's Eve train ride in a classy-looking vintage train running from the Fullerton Transportation Center to a train station in downtown Las Vegas that's built into the Plaza Hotel & Casino, says Los Angeles magazine.

The information on X Train's Facebook page doesn't explicitly mention how long the ride will take (though a recent post hints it might be about five hours), or any prices except the $99 coach fare, but it does say that 350 of the train's 500 seats will be for coach ticketholders, and the remaining 150 will be "First Class and VIP Class."

The kickoff trip will be followed by charter-style train service for special events (sounds similar to the glamorous train cars behind Union Station), so it still won't be running in regular service. That train ride ended when Amtrak stopped service in the late 1990s.

Any excitement about being able to drink booze and move about freely on a glamorous train car should be tempered with the knowledge that X Train's promised and not delivered New Year's Eve service before (way back for NYE 2013). The Facebook page for the company isn't the most professional-looking outlet either. But the trains look awesome and there's got to be something else besides TSA checkpoints and a long, hot drive through the desert, so hopefully this will be the year that a train to Vegas finally pulls into the station.