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Saturday, August 8, 2015

No SR-710 Tunnel Petition

From Sylvia Plummer, August 6, 2015

1.  Thanks.... 

A huge “thank you” to everyone who submitted a comment letter on the SR 710 Draft EIR/EIS.  No matter your level of expertise or how long your letter was, your voice will be heard. 

If you submitted a comment letter to the SR 710 DEIR/EIS, the No 710 Action Committee would appreciate a copy for its archives.  You can email your comment to jan@soohoos.org.    Thank you!

2.  No SR-710 Tunnel Petition

Now that the SR710 Draft EIR/EIS comment period has expired, it’s time we turn our attention back to adding signatures to the No 710 Action Committee petition.   We have 3,347 signatures and that is terrific, but it is still about 1600 signatures shy of our goal of 5,000.

There are over 1,000 people on our email list who have received this message.  We challenge each and every one of you to secure at least one additional person to sign the petition.  If everyone lives up to the challenge, we will really boost our numbers and hopefully exceed the 5,000 mark.  It’s not that difficult – talk to a neighbor, a family member, a friend or co-worker.  It only takes a moment, but the impact could last a lifetime if we can stop this tunnel from being built.  So, come on everyone.  Together, we can make this happen!  Do it today!

Go to NO710.com
Click on the Yellow button "Sign the Petition"
or use this direct link: