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Friday, May 8, 2015

From Anthony Portantino

Posted on Facebook by Anthony Portantino, May 7, 2015

A couple of takeaways from the LCF 710 meeting the other night. First, there were 60 people working for Metro standing around. That's a lot of people getting paid to not answer questions. Second, I was told that the Cost Benefit Analysis is approximately 20 pages long and is still being drafted. Yes, it has taken nearly two years to compose a 20 page report. I was also informed that the Cost Benefit Analysis would be released "well before the conclusion of the comment period." Well, since we are half way through the comment period, aren’t we past "well before," just saying! ‪#‎no710‬ ‪#‎pasadena‬ ‪#‎southpasadena‬ ‪#‎caltrans‬ ‪#‎mta‬ ‪#‎lacanada‬ ‪#‎losangeles‬

Eyes on the 2016 Transportation Measure: R2 Could Be Two Ballot Measures


By Joe Linton, May 7, 2015

 A potential Measure R2 L.A. County transportation sales tax could be two different ballot measures: a new half-cent tax and an extension of 2008's Measure R. Graph via SGVCOG [PDF]
 A potential Measure R2 L.A. County transportation sales tax could be two different ballot measures: a new half-cent tax and an extension of 2008’s Measure R. Graph via SGVCOG [PDF]

There is a new chart out that shows some of what a possible new Metro sales tax, “Measure R2″ might look like. As outlined in this earlier article, the sales tax would be put to the voters in the presidential election in late 2016, but the political process shaping the proposal is happening right now. If all goes according to schedule, the Metro Board will finalize an expenditure plan in July 2015.

Thanks to commenter calwatch for drawing SBLA’s attention to this briefing packet [PDF] from San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments (SGVCOG). The various subregional COGs have a lot of say in shaping the massive project lists, “Mobility Matrices,” which are being narrowed down into the Measure R2 expenditure plan. As calwatch characterizes them, “COGs are obscure collections of cities and Board of Supervisors’ reps, but they are where the meat of priority setting and project picking is going on.”

In the proposal as it now stands, there are basically two new Metro sales taxes – two different ballot measures – on the table right now:
  1. A new half-cent sales tax: “Metro staff is assuming that 50% of the revenue generated would be used for local return, transit operations and facility repairs. Metro staff is seeking subregional input on the remaining 50%, assuming the Metro Board elects to distribute the funds by a population- and employment-based formula to each subregion for transportation capital improvements.”
  2. Extending Measure R’s half-cent sales tax: generally continuing the 2008 “adopted expenditure plan consist[ing] of a funding split of 40% for transit capital projects and 20% for highway capital projects. The remaining 40% was split as 20% for transit operations generally, 15% for local return, and 5% for rail operations. Essentially, this meant that of the capital funding that was available, 67% went to transit projects and 33% went to highway and highway-related projects”
The SGVCOG documents (Exhibit E) also include some Metro focus-group polling, but it appears to be a fairly small sample: four focus groups of ten persons each. The conclusions appear somewhat predictable and inconclusive: among participants, “there is a strong sense that the traffic problem is getting worse” and three-quarters of participants state that they would “definitely” or “probably” vote “yes” on Measure R2 as presented.

Perhaps Metro’s research shows otherwise but, in the past, voters facing a large list of bond measures sometimes just vote “no” on everything. What do you think, readers? Are two ballot measures better or worse? If they stack up against other bonds, such as the perhaps-now-dormant L.A. City road bond, is it likely that a two-thirds majority can be achieved?

Metro’s new CEO Phil Washington starts this Monday, May 11. He is credited with success in passing and implementing Denver’s FasTracks, including a ballot bond measure entirely for public transit, without all that counterproductive highway widening. It will be interesting to see where Washington weighs in on the Measure R2 processes underway.

Joe Cano Videos: Highlights SR710 Meeting 5/7/2015/2015

Part 1:

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SR710 DEIR Public Comment Meeting - El Sereno 5/7/2015

Posted by Joe Cano on Facebook, May 8, 2015

The meeting was well attended. Members of NO710 Pasadena, So. Pasadena, El Sereno & Alhambra were there in force. Reps from Councilman Huizar CD14 & LA32NC reresentatives there too. Many El Sereno residents as well. Please note that Alhambra Councilman Steve Placido brought with him the Harvard Pro-tunnel Union Labor Debating team and a few pro tunnel Alhambra folks in a sorry display of ineptitude. I give the Placido team the award for the most incoherent, uninformed, unintelligible babbling & inarticulate performance in the history of this tunnel battle. In contrast we had my best friend & mentor in this tunnel fight, Prof. David Diaz an early tunnel fighter. A representative from the National Resource Defense Council, doctors, lawyers & teachers. I am surprised Placido can still walk. Every time he runs his mouth he shoots himself in the foot.


LA32NC reps


 Alhambra Councilman Placido with the labor contingent that made no sense.
 Paul Habib Chief Of Staff for Councilman Jose Huizar and his awesome statement.
  The Dr. in the house.
  Councilman Huizar's power duo Kevin & Julio.
  Our wonderful Claire Bogaard. Mrs Mayor of Pasadena!

Metro & Caltrans people stoic & sullen as they were getting the butt kicked.

El Sereno's Hugo Garcia letting them have it.
Therese U. Hernandez-Cano from El Sereno also letting them have it.




Welcome Reception for Phillip Washington