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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Action Alert! Support New CEQA Guidelines for Sustainable Transportation

From Sylvia Plummer, March 9, 2016

Voice your support for the revised CEQA Guidelines by signing on to this letter by 5pm Friday, March 11. Please email Bill Sadler at bill@saferoutespartnership.org with your name, organization and logo.

Goodbye, “Level of Service” for cars! It’s taken years to develop, but the California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) has finally released its proposed update of CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) guidelines on evaluating transportation impacts. The new guidelines are a major step forward. For too long, CEQA actually measured delay to cars as a negative environmental impact – as if cars speeding around was good for the environment. In fact, slowing cars down makes streets safer and helps get people into other, healthier forms of transportation. This step will advance the healthy, sustainable, equitable communities that sustainable transportation advocates across the state are working hard to create. But opposition to the guidelines is growing from government agencies and business interests who are happy with the status quo, especially in Southern California, which is why your support is important. You can read more about our support for the guidelines and our original comment letter to OPR here.