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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


From Sylvia Plummer, April 27, 2016

The No 710 Action Committee is calling for everyone to attend the Metro Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, April 28th at 9 a.m.  C ome and support Ara Najarian, he is asking for an accounting of money spent on SR 710 to date and plans to bring it up at the meeting.
We will also be there to continue our presence and our message that the tunnel should be withdrawn from consideration prior to November or we will actively campaign against Measure R2..  Come and speak for one minute or support those that will speak.
Thursday, April 28, 2016 @  9 a.m
at Metro Headquarters (behind Union Station)
3rd floor, Metro Board Room
One Gateway Plaza
Los Angeles, CA  90012
We will all meet outside the Metro Board Room before 9am on the 3rd floor.
Please wear a red shirt if you have one.
Directions:  See this link for directions to the Metro Headquarters Building:
Please let me know if you are coming.
Background Information:
As you may recall, in October we sent a letter (attached) to the Board that contained a very clear message – we want to support the worthwhile projects included in Measure R2, but if the SR 710 tunnel alternative is not removed from consideration forever, we will actively campaign against the proposed ballot measure.  Since then, some Board members have tried to placate us by assuring us that the tunnel will not be included in the language of Measure R2 language.  Our response is, “Not good enough.  Kill it forever.”
For the past 7 months, the same 6 – 12 members of the No 710 Action Committee have attended each monthly Board meeting to re-iterate our message.  We cite facts and figures from the DEIR/EIR comment letters submitted by independent reviewers such as the EPA, South Coast Air Quality Management District, Natural Resources Defense Council, and the USC Keck School of Medicine (These are posted online at www.beyondthe710.org).  We understand that we are having an impact, making the Board nervous about the passage of R2.
Recently, pro-tunnel advocates, led by Alhambra’s Mayor, Barbara Messina, have begun attending the Board Meetings as well.  This small contingent consists of City Council members from a couple of cities and some labor representatives --- NO REGULAR CITIZENS HAVE APPEARED.  They deliver scripted messages that congratulate the Board for conducting an “open and transparent” process, continue to tell the Board that the tunnel must be built because it was included in Measure R in 2008, that “those people” (us) continue to spread misinformation and lies about the tunnel, that we represent a vocal minority and that the majority want the tunnel to be built.  They never discuss facts from the DEIR/EIS.
  Please make the effort to attend.  We need fresh faces and voices to participate.  You will be given one minute to speak.  Fill out a speaker card in the foyer of the Board Room when you arrive.  We don’t know the agenda item number yet, since the agenda won’t be posted until Monday.  You can check the agenda on Monday at Metro.net.  Some of us will be present to assist you in the foyer.  Your message can, and should, be simple and direct – we want to support worthwhile projects in Measure R2, but if the SR 710 tunnel alternative is not withdrawn from consideration prior to the election in November, we are willing to sacrifice those projects by working to defeat Measure R2.  
Thank you, and see you there!