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Thursday, May 19, 2016


Posted by Tom Williams on Facebook, May 19, 2016

Equally important is Sylvia's reminder that comments need to go to Metro for the proposed expenditure plan - TOMORROW ...

Keep your letters short – a single page. Letters may be emailed to: theplan@metro.net but add more letter with single subject???

There is also an online form you can use to submit your comments.
It is available at http://theplan.metro.net/

If emailed to theplan@metro.net ADD cc: to Ara, Anthony, and Eric Gar. and perhaps Pasadena Mayor Tornek....

Some comments - keep them simple and focused on the money:

#1 Transfer 5% from Highways to Local Return for Transit-Bus Rapid Transit and arterial improvements, gap closures, and locally decided transportation improvements, especially for feeder shuttles and their routes.
#2 Transfer 3% from Highways to Regional Rail for rights-of-way improvements and 2x-3x track sets for MetroLink and increased Rail Freight in Alameda Corridor Central, East to Colton, North to Palmdale, and NW to Oxnard.
#3 Withdraw all Measure R and R-2 funding or support for I-710 South Expansion, SR-710 North Extension, and High Desert Corridor and transfer transfer to Regional Rail and local return.

#4 Allocate local return funds based on ratio population (2010 census and CaDOF projection thru 2015) and road miles - more funds for communities with higher populations per road mile to support local transit, active/shuttle transport, and supporting road improvements to help transit.

#5....Any other simple ones

Metro unveils bold plan to transform transportation in LA County #metroplan